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Customers can participate in the Customer Survey Sweepstakes at the survey website Here, Taco Bell customers provide their insightful feedback. This is basically a customer satisfaction survey for Taco Bell. They give participants a chance to enter the contest and an opportunity to win $500 each month in return for taking the survey. Taco Bell offers a wonderful platform for customers to provide feedback. By using surveys, the company can better understand how to refine its services. We will inform you about Tellthebell and its rewarding surveys in this article.

Brief Information About Taco Bell Survey

Since it is a highly renowned food chain, Taco Bell does not require any introduction. It has more than 6500 locations around the country. This is known mainly for its mouthwatering food. Their menu includes nachos, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, and many more. Mr. Glen Bell established Taco Bell in 1946. The world-famous Mexican fast food brand Taco Bell is headquartered in Irvine, California, in the United States. a Yum! Brands, Inc. division Glen Bell established Taco Bell more than 50 years ago as a small restaurant franchise. The survey will be administered to 100 randomly selected persons from each of the cities surveyed. Next, an interview with the marketing executive of the franchise TACO BELL will be held to learn about the franchise’s international marketing strategy

What is the TelltheBell Survey?

The framework of the survey features nine closed-ended questions with multiple-choice options. The survey is very easy. This survey provides information on customer profiles with a particular interest in their interests and preferences. In order to get input from its customers, Taco Bell is conducting a customer satisfaction poll called TelltheBell. They use the analytical feedback from customers to optimize their services. survey

Prior to participating in the survey, customers must

  • Be At least 18 years old.
  • Have 50 entry periods for the surveys.
  • Take part in one period
  • Have a new receipt to take part in another one
TellTheBell SurveyQuick Details
Survey Entry Period1 Time Per Person/Per Entry
Survey Winner Prize$500 cash – Free Tacos – Free Discount Coupons
Official Sweepstakes NameTellTheBell Survey
Number Prize per Lucky Draw4 Prizes/ Entry Period
Participation ApproachesOnline Entry – Send Post to the Mailbox

Key points are the main focus in TellTheBell Survey

  • Taste and food temperature
  • Food quality
  • Employee Attitudes
  • General satisfaction with the most recent trip
  • Restaurant cleanliness and ambiance
  • Order fulfillment

Some basic question of the Taco Bell Survey

  • Is the restaurant clean?
  • Do you like the way the staff treats you?
  • What do you think about the quality of the food?
  • Is there any chaos going on in the restaurant?
  • Do you enjoy the food served?

TellTheBell Survey Rewards

This program randomly selects four winners. Hence, there’s a chance that you could also be the lucky winner in this draw. Employees from Taco Bell will call you if you are one of the lucky winners. Your rewards will be sent to the signed-up email address.

What you need before entering in the TelltheBell Survey:

  • A genuine Taco Bell receipt.
  • In case consumers do not have the survey code, they can provide the date, time, and store number.
  • An on-receipt 16-digit survey code is mandatory.

Methods to Participate in TellTheBell Survey

You can participate in the Taco Bell Survey by using 2 ways. Below we have discussed both the methods by which you can participate in Surveys:

There are two ways you can take the Taco Bell survey. We have mentioned both options for survey participation below:

By Using Mail:

By writing a handwritten letter, customers can easily participate in the contest to win one of the incredible cash prizes. On 3*on a 5-inch paper, that letter should include some important information such as your age, name, phone number, and full address. The customer can mail this letter to Taco Bell Postal Address.


Customers using an online method must go to the official website at Users must enter their 16-digit code to access the website and complete the questionnaire form.

Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes Winners Announcement Process

Undoubtedly, a large number of people are aware of the survey and its rewards. Even so, few know how the company selects Tellthebell winners for the survey. It’s really quite simple, though. Tellthebell will request some personal information from you in the final query. These specifics include a person’s name, contact information, mail ID, or address. This is important to get in touch with you if you win the poll.

Note: This information is kept private by Tellthebell, and it is only used privately to get in touch with winners.

Upon the submission of this data, you will receive a free entry into the sweepstakes. In case you don’t know about Sweepstakes, it is an online platform for jackpots. There are 12 slots for the lottery. Each slot comes every week.

When you submit your data, it is saved for that week. Following the draw, Sweepstakes selects 4 participants as the lucky winners for that particular week. Their official website announces the winners’ names.

Furthermore, winners are notified via email ID when the results are declared within a specific timescale. But, to receive a $500 check, you need to provide the necessary documents, such as identity proof.

  • Taco Bell announces the winners’ names and notifies them by phone and mail.
  • On their official website, you can check out the list of winners.

How to take part in TellTheBell Survey & win $500 From Taco Bell

If you’re still confused about the participation process in the Tellthebell survey, talk to our experts. We’ll provide you with all the details for hassle-free participation in the survey or feedback process. To participate in the survey, go to the Tellthebell official website. This website will give you a chance to win $500 in cash and vouchers.

This customer satisfaction survey seeks honest opinions on Taco Bell’s quality and services. With the help of this feedback, the company tries to enhance the level of service and meal quality.

Rules for Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to take part in the survey.
  • Must be legal residents of the USA and Canada.
  • TellTheBell Contest is not suitable for officers, employees, directors, or anyone else who works for or for Taco Bell Corporation.
  • The winner’s prize cannot be transferred, exchanged, or replaced.
  • You can take the Taco Bell customer survey without making any purchases.
  • Each person is only allowed one entry.
  • Each entry period allows for one prize per house.
  • There is a 30-day expiration date on the code.
  • Please visit, the survey’s official website, for more information.

The requirement for Joining Tellthebell Customer Survey

  • Require a computer/mobile/laptop with a dependable Internet connection.
  • Taco Bell’s most recent purchase receipt.
  • Basic command of the English language.
  • A Taco Bell receipt with a 16-digit survey code is necessary.
  • Need for a survey invitation.
  • Save the last visit’s number.
  • Time and date of the most recent visit.

TellTheBell Survey –

  • To begin the Tell the Bell survey, open a browser on your computer or smartphone.
  • Next, go to to access the official Tell The Bell Survey website.
tellthebell survey
  • Enter the 16-digit Taco Bell Survey Code printed on your receipt.
  • If your receipt does not include the 16-digit Taco Bell survey code, go to this URL:
  • You must enter the 6-digit Taco Bell Shop Number.
  • The date and time of the purchase.
  • The user will then be prompted to provide more information about the purchase they made at the Taco Bell restaurant.
  • Based on your interactions with Taco Bell employees, you must select the proper response. Continue to the next page.
  • The consumer will be asked various questions about the food’s quality, temperature, and taste, as well as other factors such as the restaurant’s cleanliness and hygiene, the attitude of the workers, and so on. Answer all of these questions honestly and proceed to the next page.
  • Click Yes if there is an issue; otherwise, click No.
  • Click Next after writing about your experience.
  • Please enter your name and phone number at this time. It is necessary to take this step.
  • Your message screen will appear in the next Thank, and your feedback will be complete.

All the questions that are asked in Taco Bell Survey

There are nine different questions that are asked while you are participating in the Taco Bell Survey online.

There are nine different questions that are asked while you are participating in the Taco Bell Survey online.

Question 1st at Taco Bell Survey

  • In the beginning, their 1st question is, “Please Rate Your Overall Satisfaction with your Experience at this Taco Bell.”
  • To answer this, they provide some option that is given in the below image.
tellthebell rating

Question 2 at the customer feedback TellTheBell

  • The 2nd question will ask you to Select Your Order Type, and you need to select one option from the following: Dine-in, Carry-out, and Drive-thru.
  • You need to select one option as your answer and click on the Next Button.

Question 3 at TellTheBell feedback survey

  • The 3rd question consists of multiple questions. You need to rate your satisfaction by choosing any option. Please see the below-given image to tell the bell feedback survey.
  • Rate your food as per your experience.
tellthebell feedback survey
  • Rate your food as per your experience.

Question 4 At TellTheBell Customer survey

tellthebell customer survey
  • 4th will ask you about the problem you faced while visiting.
  • If you experience any kind of issue or problem, you have to click on Yes; otherwise, select No.
  • After that, click on the Next Button.

Question 5 at TellTheBell survey

  • 5th will ask you to write something more about Taco Bell or anything that you will be missing. So, as per your feedback, they can improve their services. You need to write it in your own words in a text box.
  • When you finish, click on the Next Button.

Question 6 at Taco Bell customer feedback

tacobell customer feedback
  • The 6th question asks you regarding the purchase of Hard-Shell Taco.
  • If you brought Hard Shell, Then choose Yes; if not, then choose No & click on Next.

Last screen at the Taco Bell survey

  • The last screen of Taco Bell will show you a thank you message, and now you are officially in a draw for winning $500 cash.
tacobell survey

Customer Service:

If you have any queries, then contact on below:

  • Taco Bell Phone Number: (800) 822-6235 survey

Customer Service:

If you have any query then contact on below:

  • Taco Bell Phone Number: (800) 822-6235


This article has covered the Taco Bell company’s online survey. Consumers are required to complete the survey and give Taco Bell constructive feedback. A $500 cash prize is up for grabs for customers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I get a Taco Bell survey?

Taco Bell Survey requires a restaurant receipt as evidence of purchase. The restaurant gives a fantastic chance to win a $500 cash reward by conducting this survey for its regular customers. If you want to participate in the survey, go to, the Taco Bell Survey’s official website. Fill out the survey’s necessary information and then input your answers.

How do I make a complaint to Taco Bell?

You have access to a number of complaint channels at Taco Bell. Yet, it is dependent on the type of complaint. If the issue can be rectified at the store level, you should contact the Store Manager. In other situations, you can file a complaint in one of the following ways:
1) Call Customer Care at 1 (800) 822-6235
2) Call Headquarters at 949-863-4500
3) Visit @ Customer Care Contact Form
5) Tweet on Twitter
6) Follow on Facebook
7) Follow on Instagram
8) Watch on Youtube

How do you conduct a customer satisfaction survey?

Companies use customer feedback to understand how satisfied their customers are with their products and services. Here are some key pointers for carrying out a successful customer satisfaction survey:
Set the goals for your customer satisfaction survey.
Set the demographics, psychographics, and other traits of the intended audience for this survey.
Create a survey with particular questions that demand more in-depth responses than a simple “yes/no” response without asking too many questions.
Choose a survey strategy, such as phone, online, app, or in-person.
Choose the start and finish dates for the survey and provide an incentive to motivate customers to take part.
At the conclusion of the survey, thank each participant and share the results.

What is TelltheBell?

Customers can honestly share their thoughts and reviews about Taco Bell on the company’s feedback website, TelltheBell. This forum excels in giving Taco Bell customers a fun chance to take a survey and be entered to win a $500 cash prize.

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