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Do you know about the Tellthebell survey? which gives you the possibility of winning a $500 cash prize, is the official site where you will run over easy and simple step by step survey. The survey is known as the Taco Bello Customer satisfaction survey. In this article, we will let you know about Tellthebell and its money-making surveys.

Taco Bell survey offers you the chance to win some brisk money as sweepstakes without investing in quite a bit of an effort. Tellthebell survey is directed by Taco Bell and it is an exceptionally well-known fast-food chain. Their motive is to gain as much feedback as possible by the alluring its customers with the prizes.

Let discuss some brief about Taco Bell.

Brief Information About Taco Bell Survey

Taco Bell does not need any kind of introduction as it is well known for its popular food chains. It is mainly famous for its delicious food like Nachos, Quesadillas, Tacos, Burritos, and many more at more than 6500 locations in the United States. Taco Bell was founded by Mr. Glen Bell in 1946.

What is the TelltheBell Survey?

TelltheBell Survey is nothing but a customer satisfaction survey that Taco Bell is undertaking for receiving the feedback from its customers. They use the valuable opinions of the customers to improve their services.

Customers need to understand before taking part in the survey.

  • The customer must be at least 18 years old.
  • Customers must have 50 entry periods for the surveys. You can take part in one period after you won’t be able to take part in another one without having a new receipt.

TellTheBell Survey

Quick Details

Survey Entry Period

1 Time Per Person/Per Entry

Survey Winner Prize

$500 cash – Free Tacos – Free Discount Coupons

Official Sweepstakes Name

TellTheBell Survey

Number Prize per Lucky Draw

4 Prizes/ Entry Period

Participation Approaches

Online Entry – Send Post to the Mailbox

Key points are the main focus in TellTheBell Survey

  • Food temperature and taste
  • Food quality
  • Employee Friendliness
  • Overall satisfaction with the most recent travel.
  • Cleanliness of the restaurant and the environment
  • Order accuracy
  • Some basic question of Taco Bell Survey

  • Is the restaurant clean enough?
  • Do you like customer service?
  • What is your opinion about food quality?
  • Have you noticed any disturbance in the restaurant?
  • Do you like food?
  • TellTheBell Survey Rewards

    4 winners are randomly selected in this sweepstakes. Hence, you may also have chances to win this lucky draw. If you will be one of the lucky winners, then you will be contacted by the Taco Bell employees by telephone and your rewards will be sent by using your address which is given by you while you were participating.

    What you need before entering in the TelltheBell Survey:

    • A valid receipt from the Taco Bell.
    • Date, Time and Store Number in case customers don’t have the survey code.
    • Required a 16-digit survey code on your receipt.

    Methods to Participate in TellTheBell Survey

    You can participate in the Taco Bell Survey by using 2 ways. Below we have discussed both the methods by which you can participate in Taco Bell Surveys:

    By Using eMail:

    Customers can simply participate in the sweepstakes and get the opportunity to win the amazing cash prizes by sending a handwritten letter. That letter should contain some major information like your age, name, phone number, full address on 3*5-inch paper. The customer can send this letter to Taco Bell Mail Address.


    In an online method customers required to visit the official site of the Taco Bell survey available at Here, users need to access the website by using their 16-digit code and complete the survey process.

    Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes Winners Announcement Process

    Taco Bell announces the name of the winners and notified them by:

    • Sending phone and mail messages to the winner.
    • You can check the list of winners on their official website

    How to take part in TellTheBell Survey & win $500 From Taco Bell

    If you don’t know how to participate in Tellthebell Survey then we are here to help you in that we will provide you all the information by which you can easily participate in the survey or the feedback process. For participating in the survey, you need to visit the Tellthebell’s official website that is This website will provide you an opportunity to win the exciting prices of $500 or you can also win coupons.

    This satisfaction survey aims to take the truthful feedback about the quality and services of Taco Bell. With the help of these feedbacks company maintain their quality with an advanced level.

    Rules for Customer Satisfaction Survey:

    • Anyone below 18 Years cannot participate in the Survey.
    • Legal Residents & Must be Citizen of the USA & Canada.
    • Officers, employees, directors, and all other people who are working with/for Taco Bell Corporation are not appropriate to participate in TellTheBell Sweepstakes.
    • Winner Prize cannot be exchanged, transferred, or replaced.
    • No buying required to participate in the Taco Bell Customer Survey.
    • one entry per person is allowed.
    • One prize per house allowed in each entry period.
    • The code is valid for 30 days only.
    • For more detailed information please visit the official website of the Tellthebell survey at

    The requirement for Joining Tellthebell Customer Survey:

    • Need computer/mobile/laptop with a reliable Internet Connection.
    • Recent purchase receipt of Taco Bell Restaurant.
    • Basic understanding of the English language.
    • 16 Digit Survey code required that is given on the Taco Bell receipt.
    • Survey Invitation needed.
    • Store the number of your last visit.
    • Date and time of the last visit.

    Step by step process to take part in the Taco Bell Survey

  • You need to open a browser on your computer or on mobile to start the tell the bell survey.
  • In the next step open the Tell The Bell Survey official Survey website ““.
  • You need to enter the 16 Digit Taco Bell Survey Code written on your receipt.
  • In case if your receipt doesn’t contain the 16-digit Taco Bell survey code then you need to visit this URL:
  • Need enter the 6-digit store Taco Bell Store Number.
  • Date and time at which the purchase was made.
  • After that user will be asked some detail about the purchase, they had made at the Taco Bell Restaurant.
  • You have to choose the appropriate answer as per your experience at Taco Bell services. Move to the next page.
  • The customer will be asked several questions regarding the quality of food, hotness, and taste of food and other factors such as cleanliness and hygiene of the restaurant, attitude of the staff, etc. Answer all these questions fairly and move on to the next page.
  • If you had experienced any problem then click Yes, otherwise No.
  • Write your experience and click on Next.
  • Now you have to submit your name and your phone number. This is a mandatory step.
  • In the next Thank, Your message screen will appear and your feedback completed.
  • All the questions that are asked in Taco Bell Survey 

    There are nine different questions that are asked while you are participating in the Taco Bell Survey online.

    Question 1st at Taco Bell Survey

  • At beginning their 1st question is “Please Rate Your Overall Satisfaction with your Experience at this Taco Bell”.
  • For answering this they provide some option that is given in the below image.
  • As per your experience, you have chosen an option and then click on Next Button. 
  • tellthebell rating

    Question 2 at the customer feedback TellTheBell

    • 2nd question will ask you to Select Your Order Type and you need to select one option from following Dine-in, Carry-out, and Drive-thru.
    • You need to select one option as your answer and click on Next Button.

    Question 3 at TellTheBell feedback survey

    • 3rd question consists of multiple questions you need to rate your satisfaction by choosing any option. Please see the below-given image.
    • Rate your food as per your experience.
    tellthebell feedback survey

    Question 4 At TellTheBell Customer survey

    • 4th will ask you regarding the problem you faced while visit.
    • If you experience any kind of issue or problem you have click on Yes, otherwise select No.
    • After that click on Next Button.
    tellthebell customer survey

    Question 5 at TellTheBell survey 

    • 5th will ask you to write something more about Taco Bell anything that you will be missing. So, that as per your feedback they can improve their services. You need to write it in your own words in a text box.
    • When you finish, click on the Next button.

    Question 6 at Taco Bell customer feedback 

    • 6th question asks you regarding the purchase of Hard-Shell Taco.
    • If you brought Hard Shell Then choose Yes, if not then choose No & click on Next.
    tacobell customer feedback

    Question 7 At Taco Bell Survey 

    • Next is a very important step.
    • In 7th question, they will thank us for our valuable feedback.
    • They will also ask you that you are a legal resident of the United States or the UK.
    • You are 18+ age or older.
    • If you meet all the above condition you are allowed to enter your sweepstakes.
    • Select the Yes option and click on the Next button.
    tacobell survey

    Question 8 At Taco Bell Survey

    • At this question, they will ask about your first & second name and your phone number.
    • It’s mandatory to provide all these details and entering all the details click on the Next button.
    tacobell customer survey

    Last screen at Taco Bell survey 

    • The last screen of Taco Bell will show you a thank message and now you are officially in a draw for winning $500 cash. survey

    Taco Bell Customer Service


    Call Customer Care: 1 (800) 822-6235

    Call Headquarters: 949-863-4500

    Official Webiste:


    Taco Bell Corporation,

    1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine,

    California 92618, The United States.

    tellthebell survey

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