What is in the Taco Bell Watermelon Freeze

If you are one of those persons who till not tried Taco Bell’s perfectly pink Watermelon Candy Freeze. As we know that watermelon is a seasonal fruit and the thought of Taco Bell is “Seasonal things are best things to sell”. The watermelon has many benefits that are mainly used in the summer season.

The watermelon contains 70% water and it is used to decrease the heat content in our body. By seeing such benefits of watermelon, the Taco Bell has introduced a new menu that is called Watermelon Candy Freeze. Which looks pink like frozen candy. After reading this article I hope this summer you should try this new menu of Taco Bell at your nearest Taco Bell Store.

Why you are Lucky that you have Watermelon Candy Freeze?

One of the characteristics of Taco Bell is that they always try to involve an innovative food item on their menu. It can be a salad, soft drinks, milkshakes, and many more. They are famous for the bestselling fast food and beverage.

There every dish or drink has a different taste which attracts the customer and makes them visit again. Their professional staff always behave nicely. They are very professional in their work. This all things make the customers visit the Taco Bell restaurant again and again.

Taco Bell runs one of the promotional campaigns that allow the user to win the $500 cash prices also encourage people to visit their restaurant when frequently. For winning this $500 customers just have that a survey that is called a Tellthebell survey. This survey consists of some set of questions which are related to the quality and services of the Taco Bell Restaurant.

The Restaurant takes the feedback from the customer and this feedback can be positive or negative they welcome both types of feedback. This feedback encourages them to improve their services as per customers’ desires.  

Taco Bell Watermelon Candy Freeze Calories 

The Watermelon-flavored frozen drink includes “Seeds” that just a candy. I will recommend you to go and eat it. This best thing since the sliced Watermelon and it is one of the best refreshing sweet and super snap-worthy drinks. The watermelon Candy Freeze has only 220 calories and 0 grams of fats. The cost of this drink is $2.39. The Taco Bell describes the Watermelon Candy Freeze on their website as “We made the Watermelon Freeze as an ode to awesome weather, fun times with friends, and the excitement that comes with waiting patiently for something you look forward to all year round.”

When this ice-cold drink firstly made its debuted last summer. That comes with the black candies which meant to look like the seeds of watermelon mixed with the drink. The “Seeds” are entirely editable as they are candy. This drink is suitable for any age group who are above the age of 4. The Taco Bell’s “Happier Hour” promotion starts in between 2 P.M. and 5 P.M. every day and they offer their customers regular drinks and Freeze; Watermelon Candy Freeze also included it.


This article is all about Taco Bell’s new Watermelon Candy Freeze beverage. The new beverage contains seeds of watermelon when you see it, but when you eat it that seeds like appearing thing in actual, they are candies.

This candy is sweet in the test which makes this beverage very tasty. This beverage available at a very cheap price anyone can afford this drink. Watermelon Candy Freeze available at $2.39 only.

Taco Bell offers its customers regular drinks and Freeze, this also includes the Watermelon Candy Freeze in between 2 P.M. and 5 P.M. every day.

It is called Taco Bell’s “Happier Hour”.

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