What I Always Love To Eat At Tacobell Store

This article all about my experience with Taco Bell, which I am going to share. I am the biggest fan of the Taco Bell restaurant. I always try to choose unique food from Taco Bell Menu. As we all know that the Taco Bell restaurant well known for its fast food all over the globe. You will find their food fans all over the globe. This all because they involve unique Mexican food on their menu. This menu attracts lots of’ people like me who are foodies and like to taste different flours of foods.

I am sure that if you once visit the Taco Bell restaurant you can’t stop yourself to visit it again or I can say frequently. In the world, we will so many fast-food restaurants but Taco Bell distinguishes itself from then all by maintain good customer satisfaction. Taco Bell always careful about their customer’s feedback and time to time it used to improve their services as well as the quality of food.

Few Items Which I Love to Eat at Taco Bell

When you think that Taco Bell does not offer healthy food. As per Business Insider, the Taco Bell has now become of healthiest most fast-food chains out there. Speciously, alongside all those carb-heavy, cheesy food filling menus. There are also lots of healthy options. Leave it here, because I am here to discuss some of the items from Taco Bell’s menu which I love to eat most of the time. As you know that Taco Bell mainly has 54 items of food on their menu. For me, it’s difficult to say which food I like most. Taco Bell is a restaurant where you can easily visit your family too. Their food is also suitable for kids as it safe and hygiene. 

List of the Foods Which I loved to eat at Taco Bell Restaurant:

The menu of Taco Bell is for kinds of peoples like for non-vegetarian as well for vegetarians. I have tasted both kinds of food. I must both kinds of food different processes to prepare but their taste always mesmerizes you. You can also order your food online as they take online orders also.

  • Nacho Fries

The Nachos Fries are available only for $1. Their Nachos are flavorful, crispy, and paired with the cheese deep which make it best fries at Taco Bell.

  • Watermelon Candy Freeze

The Watermelon-flavoured frozen drink includes “Seeds” that just a candy. I will recommend you to go and eat it. This best thing since the sliced Watermelon and it is one of the best refreshing sweet and super snap-worthy drinks. The watermelon Candy Freeze has only 220 calories and 0 grams of fats. The cost of this drink is $2.39.

  • Cinnamon Twists

The Cinnamon twists are cinnamon sugar-dusted nostalgia. I recommend you to visit Taco Bell and taste it. The taste of Cinnamon Twists is little sweets as it contains some of the amount of sugar in it.

  • Chicken Quesadilla

I must say don’t roll your eyes it seems plain but it’s delicious. Chicken Quesadilla is my personal favorite. This dish contains chicken with the cheese quesadilla combination which makes it delicious.

  • Spicy Potato Soft Taco

Apart from all the spicy potato soft taco is one the best thing for a vegetarian item in their menu. The boiled fried potato with flavors of different spicy ingredients makes it more lovable. From all the vegetarian items on their menu, I love spicy potato soft taco.


Here, above I have discussed my experience at Taco Bell. I have discussed the food items which I love to eat when I visit the Taco Bell restaurant. I have discussed my top 5 items from their menu which I love and also discuss this look and taste. My list of favorite food above contains both kinds of food vegetarian and non-vegetarian. I have discussed both.

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